Robert Romesburg - General Manager
(Since December 1999)

Kaity Romesburg - Assistant Manager of Store Services
(Since December 2016)

Paige Farris - Assistant Manager of Store Operations
(Since June 2020)

Cierra May - Sales Associate / Reptile & Bird Department Head
(Since January 2020)

Kenzy Dolan - Sales Associate / Dog & Small Animal Department Head
(Since May 2020)

Vacant - Sales Associate / Cat & Fish Department Head
(Since April 2021)

About Pet Central:

With thousands of regular online and in store customers in the United States, Pet Central provides a range of competitively priced pet supplies, pet food, companion animals and Farm / Home Items while offering complete grooming services and pet training since 1999. Pet Central was once the brains behind various retailers and distributors of an array of general merchandise categories before settling with Pet Central in the Pet Industry. The company took off with the pilot company called Robs Pet Supply, Pet Coast Mall, U.S. Petz & Aquariumz & Gold Reptilians.



Pet Central Stores USA started out with a simple young boy and a passion for animals. In April of 1999 Robert (Rob) Romesburg was playing around his home after the neighborhood flooded when he found a baby turtle swimming in the ditch. Rob caught the turtle and so began his interest and later passion for reptiles, Rob had caught and owned Frogs before and that was nothing special to him now he stepped up to the turtle game! Rob spent that summer walking around his neighborhood ditches catching baby turtles as he lived on the edge of town near some farm land they were fairly common. Rob was a show off so he was always happy to show off and share his collection with friends who would then later ask for a turtle as a pet, Here Rob found he could make some money on his new hobby selling baby turtles for just a $1 each.


This was a real technical year for Rob as he took his first classes on computers and as he learned how to use them he realized he could expand his local sales to all over the united states with the use of a computer and the world wide web. Rob created a PayPal account and began selling Live Reptiles shipped in from suppliers in Florida on a Reptile Auction Website. Because he was selling online to people all over the United States he created a UPS Business Account to help him ship the critters, Because his sales picked up he hired his cousin Zack Still to assist him, this would be Rob's first employee and business partner!

Rob's cousin Zack was forced to move away meaning Rob would need to replace his business partner in order to keep the business afloat. Rob hired his best friend Brendan Gamble, Brendan brought many changes with him. Brendan started off by legalizing the business, increasing dog supply sales & developing a long term business plan.


This was Rob's first year of High School at which he selected every business class he could schedule in his high school career. Rob learned a lot about his business and how American Business Management works becoming a member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and even lettering in FBLA competition and with Brendan's help they began selling Live Fish on top of their Full Line Pet Supplies & Live Reptiles.

Rob's Sales were soaring but so was his competition Rob's small free website wasn't cutting it anymore. Rob took a class in Business Technology were he learned more about Web Design and using this class he made a new website from scratch one that included a shopping cart, personal customer accounts and dozens of amazing features that many competitors didn't have. This was also a time for change Rob began using the name Pet Central and using a Red theme for all his work.

Robs new website was hit it showed to have improved customer counts & sales both. This was also Pet Central's first year of record keeping, the company grew and business titles were issued with Rob & Brendan at the head of this rapidly growing company.

Pet Central now carried thousands of products for Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, Reptiles & Small Mammals while selling actual Live Reptiles & Fish. This year Pet Central added Live Plants, Live Feeder Insects & Frozen Feeders. The company was now a Full Scale Online Pet Store and needed more help so Rob reached out to his mother Debra Stiverson. Debra took over all clerical and accounting for the company so Rob & Brendan could better focus on future expansion.


Pet Central was now making regular sales and to better manage his orders Pet Central hired Rob's child hood friend Geoffrey Jones to manage the logistics of shipping and receiving while working with suppliers and manufactures to maintaining the best product selections. With two new managers Rob and Brendan looked at a larger picture than online sales, The idea of the brick and mortar store that birthed the name Pet Central Stores USA.


Pet Central Stores USA agreed to work with a new vendor that would help Pet Central expand from the traditional Pet Supplies and into Farm & Home supplies as well. The company worked on a side concept that was one of Rob's its oldest divisions in hopes of keeping revenue flowing by running a Reptile Specialty business.


Pet Central Stores USA's website continued its usual progress but the idea of a Store Front location was launched. A small retail store was set up in downtown Trenton, MO selling the full line of supplies as well as live fish and reptiles. After only a few months in operation the store front didn't take off as suspected and the store was soon closed on April 28th 2012. Rob & Brendan sat back and rethought their plans of a Store and worked out everything that went wrong. Unfortunately Brendan was occupied with his first military deployment with the Army.


Robert took a large loss when long time business partner and friend Brendan Gamble left the company to pursue his career in Law Enforcement later joining the Branson, MO Police Department. Robert would also loose Geoffrey Jones to a larger company in the Kansas City area.


Business was slow and growth was non existent, Robert invited his now wife Kaitlyn (Kaity) Cabral to become not only his partner in business but his partner in life. Kaity joined Pet Central as an Animal Care Specialist caring for all companion animals the business sold.


Pet Central would close its Reptile Specialty Division Gold Reptilians to focus all efforts to grow on Pet Central Stores USA. Kaity would attend Pet Groomer School in the fall to oversee the launch of the companies first store services that would include Pet Grooming, Obedience Training & Veterinary Care. With this Kaity would take on the title of Director of Store Services.


Pet Central showed great growth with the addition of Pet Grooming services while also making a strong retail presence on Amazon. Plans would begin to reform the roll out of a retail store front in Trenton or Chillicothe Missouri.